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Dripping can be reused several times but it is important to store it correctly between uses to ensure it remain safe and delicious.
Capacity: 500g

The History of the humble Dripping Pot:

In days gone by the Dripping Pot was an extremely part of the family daily living and survival. Here at York Foods we receive many stories one relates to a mother while escaping Europe in the Second World War took with her most prized position, her Dripping Pot. It provided sustenance and energy for her family in their quest for freedom.

Another story relates to travelers through Mongolia where visiting rural communities where offered again their most prized position being fat from animals. Animal Fat to these communities was extremely important part giving sustenance to see them through extremely cold winters.

Antarctic explorers survived on Dripping.

Our beautiful high quality Dripping Pots are handcrafted by Bendigo Pottery who have have been crafting for over 150 years.

How to use:

For the best out of your Dripping Pot we recommend that you do not store cooking residue where you have used vegetable oils.

We also recommend not storing the residue from chips that have been precooked in vegetable oils.

Any cooking products containing water should should also be avoided.

Traditionally the dark layer (often referred to as Jelly) under the top layer of fat has been used in gravies, stew, flavourings, casseroles and stocks as it contains flavour, nutrients, and vitamins from the cooked meal.

Our Dripping 'Jelly' is often served up on bread and many recollect this use during the Second World War.

We hope you enjoy your Dripping Pot and the world of flavour.