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World class products created in a seperate, new facility

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York Foods Australia

Created in beautiful Gouburn NSW since 1990

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Improved Sports Performance

Give yourself an edge over the competition

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Lifestyle Benefits

Improve your health and wellbeing

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Quick, Easy Tasty Meals

Use fat to turn a simple meal into something special

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Gourmet Cooking

Give your professional cooking the edge

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How to Use

Find out how to use our products for great results

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Improve your health with York Foods - Australia's premiere supplier of good fats since 1935

Whether you want to increase your athletic performance, improve the taste and texture of the food you cook, are interested in improving your overall health, or following a paleo or primal diet and need quality fats, York Foods’ range of animal origin oils can help.

A family owned business run by the Philpott family since 1935, York Foods combines traditional knowledge with a unique process to bring you a range of exceptional products available in Australia and throughout the world.

Calls us on +612 4822 5025

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