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York Foods International

We are please to announce the opening of our new international facility located in Beautiful Southern Tablelands of New South Wales in Australia well known for its diversity of agricultural and wonderful food products

We now welcome your inquiries and hope you enjoy our products for years to come in your country as we have enjoyed the original flavour and taste of cooking in traditional products in Australia since 1935. This new factory will cater for all our exports requirements and enable us to look after our worldwide customers

Thank you all for your continuing support

As great grandfather used to say "YORK Foods" stood for "Your Only Reliable Kitchen Foods"

Ted Philpott

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Why Choose York Foods?

Reason #1 - Our longstanding history is your assurance of quality. We have been in business since 1935, manufacturing and packaging speciality animal origin cooking oils.
Reason #2 - You are buying from an Australian company based in Goulburn, NSW. We are proud that all our products are Australian made in our Goulburn facility and are now being exported all over the world.
Reason #3 - Our fats are great for your health. All of our products are high in mono saturated fats and have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol levels. We also offer organic alternatives to some of our products.
Reason #4 - We were the company that launched Wagyu Oil onto the market. This unique oil is really something special and we are proud to be the first company to launch it onto the market. It is a great alternative to duck fat and tastes fantastic.
Reason #5 - All our products are 100% natural with no additives, making them the smart choice for a clean diet. All our products are 100% pure and natural, non-homogenised, non-hydrogenated and non-deodorised.Experience the full taste and health benefits without unnecessary processing.
Reason #6 - You are buying from one of the original food oil companies in Australia. Many businesses have come and gone in the almost 80 years we have been producing quality healthy fats.We are the original and the best which is why we have been around for so long.
Reason #7 - We want to improve the health of our customers.We have been working closely with Chefs and Nutritionists for many years so we know our products taste great and are also important for your daily good health.

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