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For Chefs Looking To Take The Texture And Flavour Of Their Food To The Next Level, Moving Away From Standard Vegetable Oils Will Achieve Delicious Results.

Celebrity Chefs have been talking up the great results that can be achieved by using good quality, animal cooking fats for years. Meat has a fuller flavour when cooked with lamb drippings, fried food is crisper and more delicious when cooked with beef dripping, and pastries are flakier when lard is used.

More and more discerning customers are expecting local Australian products to be used and most know good quality when they taste it. By using York Foods fats and oils you know that what you are using is 100% pure and 100% Australian.

What do you get by using good quality animal fats?

  • Better tasting food
  • Healthier food that uses good fats rather than over processed, industrial versions
  • Food that is different and improved
  • A more natural product
  • Gastro Vision finalist – York Foods was a Top 15 finalist at Gastro Vision Europe 2013. The world’s Top Michelin Chefs enjoyed the taste of York Foods Wagyu Oil

“fantastic, outrageous results with only little oil, very good taste”.
Austrian TV chef, Mike Süsser

Mike Süsser is a German chef living in Austria. He gainedwidespread notoriety mainly by the docu-soap “The culinaryprofessionals” on RTL 2 and his show “Sweet Saturday” on LT1. In2011 Mike Süsser became the official ambassador of Karlheinz

Böhm Foundation “People for People” for which he had “Topchefs for Africa” already engaged. He has co-authored severalbooks including “Come eat! 100 celebrities reveal their favourite recipes”, Brendow Verlag 2009, ISBN 978-3-86506-271-0. He was awarded in 2009 Silver laurels of Gastronomica Helvetica CH for Aufgegabelt http://www.mike-suesser.at


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