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6 Reasons Why Your Healthy Lifestyle Should Include Fats

27 January 2016

With the efficacy of “the low fat is best” message now being questioned by health professionals around the world, and the surge in popularity of “real food” and “paleo” food movements, Australians are getting a better understanding of the benefits of enjoying a higher fat diet based on real foods, cooked the way our great grandparents did.

Today we’re sharing our top 6 reasons why you should include fats as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Reason #1: Science says saturated fats don’t cause heart disease

In March 2014, a new meta-analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, using data from nearly 80 studies and more than a half million people, found that those who consume higher amounts of saturated fat have no more heart disease than those who consume less.

Reason #2: It highlights, rather than overpowers the taste of food

Don’t fall victim to the flavour crime of using olive or coconut oil in everything you cook. After a while, that’s all you can smell and taste - what a waste! With animal fats, you can choose the fat that will compliment and enhance the flavour of what you’re cooking and the smell will be mouthwatering.

Reason #3: Fat doesn’t make you fat!

In fact, when paired with a good source of protein it can make you feel fuller for longer, curbing hunger and cravings. When you consume less carbs and more good fats it supports your metabolism and thyroid hormone function which is involved in body fat regulation. Low fat foods, tend to be higher in carbs and sugar (or sugar replacement) which mean you’re hungry sooner and are consuming calories with poor nutrient profiles.

Reason #4: Better skin and eyes

If you suffer from dry skin and eyes, one possible cause is a deficiency in fatty acids. Increase the lubrication within your body by getting enough saturated and omega-3 fats every day. Saturated fats are rich in the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Reason #5: Stronger bones - especially as you get older

In order for calcium to be effectively incorporated into bone you need to have saturated fat. Dr Mary Enig, Ph.D - the foremost expert is dietary fats and human health suggests that as much as 50% of the fats in your diet should be saturated for this reason alone. You can drink as much milk as possible in an effort to improve your bone density but if you don’t include a good helping of saturated fat as well it’s not going to be effective.

Reason #6: Healthier brain function

Did you realise that your brain is made up mostly of fat and cholesterol? Most people are aware they should be eating more fish to get the unsaturated essential fatty acids found in cold water varieties, but many don’t realise that the majority of the fatty acids in the brain are actually saturated. Vitamins A, D, E and K are crucial for brain health and require fat to transport them around the body.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s important to include animal origin fats in your healthy diet. You no longer have to tolerate tasteless, unfulfilling low fat foods in order to be considered “healthy”. Your body needs good fats for optimal health so grab a block of dripping or lard from your local supermarket or a jar from www.yorkfoods.com.au