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York Foods

York Foods

Not All Fats Are Created Equal

1 June 2016

We’ve loved seeing the surge in knowledge surrounding good fats becoming talking points in mainstream media over the last few weeks but like anything, there will always be business’ out to make a quick buck who will try and cash in on this by either relabelling their inferior products to market to the “good fat” crowd or by creating cheap products from sub par ingredients that they try and pass off as the real deal.

With lower quality fats becoming available, it made us really sad to think how many people, just trying out dripping for the first time, would try these because they’re slightly cheaper and be disappointed, just assuming that’s the quality and taste they should expect so never trying another and therefore missing out on the York Foods difference.

Please don't be fooled by these “new” fats or repackaged fats looking for your business. Not all fats are created equal! Do not settle for something cheaper or “new and exciting” as chances are you will not be satisfied.

Here at York Foods we have been making fats for your kitchen for over 3 generations, we survived the lows and then the extreme lows but we are still here because we make the best, 100% pure, products on the market and we make them right here in Australia!

We are a small family owned company that knows the texture, smells and taste of all our fats, we will NOT put inferior raw materials into your product or look for fast opportunities to make the fat which compromise the quality, like hydrogenation, deodorizing or homogenising. We are 100% pure and natural. Quite simply, nothing else compares.

Making quality fats for your kitchen is not a business it is who we are, we live and breath the world of Lard and Dripping and have done so for 3 generations, with your continued support we would like to see this continue.

Support York Foods by purchasing our 250g blocks of dripping and lard from your local Coles, Woolworths or IGA supermarket or larger jars from our website, sharing the word about our products via your social media platforms and help to not just #bringbacklard and #bringbackdripping but ensure that people new to this kind of eating know to try the best quality products possible!